LEGO Fun Fest


An interactive experience composed of different games stations, LEGO Fun Fest is an invitation to all attendees to challenge their imagination and create anything they want with this brand.

Build your fish Lego and see how comes to life

Interactive Experience

2.000 M2

300k+ Visitors

4 Cities



People say


Very nice experience!The children were happy to go from one place to another, the staff very attentive to the children and the attention.Very attentive.Undoubtedly a very nice and pleasant experience for the kids and for you as a mum.


Very good experience, an entertaining panorama for children of all ages.The stations are assisted by very dynamic young people to support any questions and enhance the development of the activities.


Excellent place to go as a family, a comfortable place, there are not many people, so you don't have to queue, you can enjoy the different activities that are there, the attention of all those who work there is excellent, it is worth going, I recommend it 100%.

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