Hot Wheels City

We bring this event to Lima for the first time, the maximum and adrenaline experience that only the famous brand of little cars can achieve. An event that will feature various game stations that will invite children and their parents to live the excitement of Mario Kart live, the Monster Trucks, build thousands of tracks in the Track Builder and play the fastest racing video games you have ever seen among many stations.

Date: July 19 to August 18, 2019

Attendees: 60,000 people

Country: Peru

Place: CC North Plaza, North Pan-American Junction – Tomás Valle – Túpac Amaru. Lima Peru


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“Hot Wheels City: The Event”: the fun comes at full speed

The most famous cars in the world arrive in Lima as part of an event for the whole family.

«Hot Wheels City: The Event» will bring together the most famous cars in the world in the same space. Huge racetracks, thousands of cars storming the curves and a display of speed will come together in a show never seen before in our country.

With more than 50 years of history, Hot Wheels will go from July 19 to August 11 at the Plaza Norte Shopping Center.

The event will feature different game stations, such as: Mario Kart Race, inspired by the video game franchise; the Monster Trucks, where the most difficult terrains will be challenged and the Dinosaur Escape, a space in which speed will be the only way to get rid of ferocious prehistoric creatures.

Also, the Track Builder, so that attendees can build the most intricate, huge and creative racetracks; the Hot Wheels Cup, where cars will defy gravity in spectacular turns; and Battle vs. Octopus, where children can face a giant octopus for incredible prizes.

Visitors to the event will also be able to enjoy the display of full-size model cars.

There will also be attractions of this show, The Collectors Zone, in which dozens of Hot Wheels from various national fans will be exhibited; and the Gamer Zone, for adults and children to take to the slopes in fierce competitions.

Tickets can be purchased at Wong and Metro Teleticket. Children S/ 22 and adults S/ 25 respectively.

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